Helpful Virtual Tools for House Hunting During the COVID-19 Pandemic




By Katie Conroy

If you began your search for a new home shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic began, you might be wondering if trying to continue house hunting is worth the effort. But today, there are countless apps and websites that home buyers can use to conduct their search virtually. These convenient digital tools will allow you to secure a mortgage, find the perfect neighborhood, and take virtual tours of various properties, all without stepping beyond your front door.


Figuring Out Your Finances


     Use an online mortgage calculator to help you decide how much house you can afford. Consider your income, debt, and fixed expenses.

     Continue practicing social distancing by applying for a mortgage online – you don’t need to set foot in the bank!

     Note that even if you’re currently behind on your mortgage, as Monticello Real Estate Group explains, it’s still possible to sell.

     Research the quality of life and cost of living in various cities with Numbeo’s online database. You can compare factors like purchasing power, commute times, and more!


Choosing the Perfect Property


     Conduct in-depth research on the safety of specific neighborhoods you are considering in your search to see if you would enjoy living there.

     Learn how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the US housing market so far to see how home prices in your area may be affected.

     Work with your agent and home sellers to set up virtual tours of properties you like. You can explore every room without walking through the home!


Get Ready to Move In


     Keep track of everything you need to do before the big move with a comprehensive, digital moving checklist.

     Moving companies are considered essential businesses, so check out reviews of local moving businesses online if you need assistance relocating.

     If you’re already brainstorming ideas for home remodeling projects, Long Roofing suggests these home improvement apps to help you get started and make your new house truly feel like a home.


Over the past decade or so, new technology has revolutionized the real estate industry. Today, home buyers can take advantage of all of these incredible virtual tools to help with their house hunting journey. With these tools at your disposal, you can continue following stay-at-home orders without giving up on your search for the ideal property.


Photo via Pixabay